Animals on stamps

Pets, especially cats, dogs and birds, are popular themes for stamps, as is wildlife from all around the world. These stamps can be exceptionally beautiful, and their attractiveness is unrelated to their price. Some people use the prettier and more inexpensive ones to make collages to frame, or for school projects. People may collect stamps of cats, from Persians to moggies, or of dogs of a particular breed, like labradors, or a breed type, like spitz dogs, sighthounds, or bully breeds

Portrayals of birds on stamps are often especially attractive, and accurate enough to provide illustrations for guides to birds in different regions and countries, or types of birds. Some of the smaller islands, like the Jersey and the Falklands are good sources for stamps of seabirds. There are people who collect stamps of penguins, or birds of prey, and even flightless birds.

Stamps of reptiles and amphibians are particularly fascinating. Countries rich in reptile life, such as Australia and the Solomons, offer some very attractive stamps. There are also dinosaur stamps, which tend to be popular with children. Amphibians are less easy to find, though quite a few attractive frog stamps have been issued by the British Isles.

Fish depicted on stamps range from fancy goldfish, tropical fish, to wild river and marine fish both from warm and cooler northern climes. Cambodia, Singapore, and other Asian countries from which pet tropical fish originate, have issued some very nice tropical fish stamps. 

Some stamps are designed to be postally used, while others are issued mainly with collectors in mind. What matters for most collectors is the stamps' artistic value, as miniature portraits of creatures that collectors find especially interesting. Please click below, to explore the world of animals on stamps. 

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