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This is useful for information on pet health and general care as well as news.
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Please come in for information on cats, chickens, chinchillas, chipmunks, dogs, ferrets, fish, gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters, horses, the parrot family, rabbits, rats, reptiles, and even birdwatching and hedgehogs. The border collie opposite has been well trained, and is very well behaved with cats and other pets.

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On this web site you will find Advice on Animals , to help you choose and care for your pet. You can find summaries of articles from a wide range of sources, including veterinary and animal behaviour journals, in News and Research. You can also look at reviews of books on pets in Books on Animals, and there's a list of animal welfare organizations and other organizations of interest to pet owners in Useful Contacts. Holidays and Services gives information on pet friendly and birdwatching holidays and other pet services. Lastly, there's an In Memoriam for animals we have loved.

Border Collie by
David Paul Simon

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